Quick Chocolate Fudge

 Fudge usually has dense and flexible texture, soft to chew and of course delicious. It is super quick to make. For us it took just 8-10 mins in total and with minimum ingredients. Let's dig into it that quickly.

  1. Milk or dark chocolate or chocolate chips (400 gms or 1.5 cups)
  2. Sweetened condensed milk (395 gms or 1.5 cups)
  3. Smarties/M&M's/Skittles (180 gms or 3/4 cup)
  4. Parchment paper or baking paper
  5. Any small size tray


  • In a big microwave safe bowl mix condensed milk and chocolate. Microwave it for 2 mins and give it a good mix.
  • Get a tray ready with parchment paper and spray some oil. Make sure parchment paper is bigger and coming of tray. It will be easy to get chocolate out once it's ready.
  • Pour the mix of melted chocolate and condensed milk in tray and smoothen it from top.
  • Top it with skittles or m&M's or smarties or walnuts or marshmallows or oreos or little bit of everything.
  • Refrigerate it overnight. It will be settled nicely. Cut in any shape and enjoy.


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