Chocolate Strawberries

Happy Valentine's Day! St. Valentine was a priest who served during 3rd century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men were better soldiers than those with wives and kids, he outlawed the marriage. St. Valentine's realized the injustice with young men, he defied Claudius and continued to perform marriage for young lovers. So, Feb 14 is celebrated on his name, some say it is celebrated as a feast day on is name and some say it is celebrated as the Anniversary of Valentine's death.
So to celebrate the month of love and St. Valentines, I thought of making chocolate strawberries only and again a kid friendly recipe. These are again super easy to make, so quick, very less effort, and very few ingredients needed to make it.

As valentine's day is nearby, what will be so easy and fun to make for anyone but chocolate strawberries.  Something which kids can easily make too and if anybody wants to gift someone, they look so good and tastes even better. Let's quickly dig into the recipe and enjoy our chocolate strawberries.


  • Some big strawberries
  • A cup of white candy melts (If not available, you can use chocolate chips, but candy melts gives professional look and taste)
  • 1/4th cup of red candy melts (If not available use white ones with red food color)
  • 1/2 cup of dark chocolate or chocolate chips
  • Toothpicks
  1. Melt white candy melts in microwave for 40 secs. Then mix them with fork while they are still hot. They will melt. After mixing properly, if there are still chocolate pieces left which are not melting, microwave it for another 10 secs. Please do not put it in microwave for longer time because that will separate butter from chocolate and the chocolate get dry in place of just melting.
  2. Once the melted chocolate is ready, Hold strawberry from the leaves and dip complete strawberry in chocolate. Put that chocolate covered strawberry in a tray covered with parchment paper. If it is difficult to hold the leaves of strawberry and do it, use the toothpick. Put toothpick vertically in strawberry, should not come out from other side, hold leaves and toothpick together and then dip in chocolate.

  3. Once strawberries are ready, covered with chocolates, keep them in refrigerator for 5 mins. In 5 mins chocolate will completely set.
  4. After that we can decorate the strawberries. Melt red chocolate, put it in piping bag and decorate it, may be waves, zig-zag, spirals or any sparkles. Use sparkles while chocolate is still wet.
  5. You can cover strawberries with dark or milk chocolate similarly.
Below are some of my students creation: