Multigrain No oven Pizza

Whenever we eat pizza just one thought runs in my mind that I am eating all purpose flour and that's what I don't like because its not healthy. But, who doesn't like pizza especially kids love it. Almost every kids favorite food is Pizza. 
When we came to New York City, I noticed one trend, almost 85% of parents took there kids to a pizza place or ordered pizza home or picked up pizza from a pizza place on every FRIDAY evening. In my mind ran just one thought, they should call NYC on Friday's Pizza City. Anyways, I knew that my child is going to grow as a pizza lover no matter what and so decided to create a healthy base pizza. And hence Multi grain came in picture as a biggest rescuer. Imagine it came in front of my eyes and said "Ta-da, I am here, the rescuer".
One more thing as it's super hot weather these days, so don't want to burn myself with oven heat, but who can control the cravings of pizza and its lock down time so it has to be home made only. And, hence  no oven, made it on gas top. Which was actually quick too.

Active Yeast

So, let's dig into the recipe and put some yum yum in our tum tum.

-1 tbsp dry yeast
-3/4th tbsp sugar
-1 tsp salt
-3 tbsp oil
-1 Cup lukewarm water
-2 cups multi grain flour
-Pizza sauce
-Vegetables of your choice
-Some oil for cooking the pizza base

-To activate yeast, Take lukewarm water, mix yeast and sugar and keep it aside for activation for 10-15 mins.
-Once it is active, add flour and salt and mix and knead a little, then add 3 tbsp oil and knead for 5-6 mins.
-Keep it aside for 45 mins , it must have risen to double.
-Then, pour a tsp of oil in a non stick pan. Divide the flour into two parts.
-Spread one part of dough in the pan and cover it and cook it on medium flame until one side is cooked. -After one side is cooked, flip it, and spread sauce, veggies and cheese and cover it again until second side is cooked properly.