Italian Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is an Italian bread which can be served as appetizer, as side with any of the Italian dishes or as a table bread. It's really easy to make. It's just so dang good, like Punjabi's say "bada swad hai". I love it when Punjabi's say it. I made this bread because it is one of my family's favorite. We had a very nice Italian restaurant near by named "Focaccia" and the lady owner of the restaurant was so amazing, the bread and pizza she made was so delicious, we regularly use to visit her. Sometimes I just stopped to say hello and have a little chit chat with her even if I am not dining in there. But, its so hard to resist once you are inside and that's a totally different story. She closed her restaurant ;(, because pizza ovens were taking a lot of space and making space too hot, she wasn't able to provide enough sitting, so she had to close it. 

After she closed the restaurant, we missed our Focaccia a lot. So, I thought let's make it because she is not coming back from Italy anymore. But she sure inspired me. And hence the results are here. This time I made Focaccia for my family and remembering her.

I don't have to write the recipe today here because I am sharing the video of my complete recipe today. Hope you all like it.

Link For video of my youtube channel just in case video do not plays directly here.

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