Checker's Cake Recipe

Its one of the prettiest cakes. Only thing we have to keep in mind is, keep the cake in refrigerator to completely set the layers for 4-5 hrs. You need a 5 inch and a 2 inch cookie cutter or a very sharp knife with bowls or pans to mark 5 inches and 2 inches on cake. It was fun to make this cake. Actually, its a perfect party cake.

  • 2 chocolate cakes
  • 2 vanilla cakes
  • 4 cups of Whipped cream
  • Chocolate ganache - optional
  1. You can use 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate late and slice them evenly and use it.
  2. Cut each cake into 3 circles with the help of  5 inch and 2 inch cutters.
  3. Then swap inner circle rings with opposite layer. Apply whipping cream inside of each circle before putting in the next piece. This keeps the pieces together when the cake is cut. 

  4. Then, put alternate layers on top of each other. Frost in between.
  5. Finally frost it completely and refrigerate for atleast 4-5 hrs.