Kiwi-Soda Mocktail

Kiwi-Soda is a beverage which u can have at anytime. It's really very easy to make. It gets ready in just 5 minutes and tastes really very different from any other soda.

  • Kiwi small Chunks
  • Any two flavors of ice-cream (Your Choice)
  • Strawberry Puree/Apple Puree (Your Choice)
  • Sprite

  1. For strawberry puree blend few strawberries in a blender. If u r using apple, do same with apple to make its puree.
  2. Take a small glass, pour 1 tbsp of kiwi chunks into it.
  3. Add 2 small scoops of 2 different flavors of ice-cream.
  4. Add strawberry/apple puree  on it. Form a layer of puree of about 1/2 a inch.
  5. Add little soda above it and serve.